ICICI Bank loan Process : ICICI Bank loan Review

icici bank loan process :- If You want to take loan from ICICI Bank the You Should Read this Full details icici bank loan review . Icici bank one the most trusted private bank of india it has million User in india and around the world if you need urgent money for emergency , personal loan EMI , medical emergency or any due settlement you can take loan from ICICI Bank with Very Simple Process

Icici Bank loan Review
icici bank loan process

Icici bank loan Eligibility kya hai ?

  • Over 23 year and Indian resident
  • Salaried individuals,having a regular monthly income 30,000+
  • Having A Good Credit score if your credit score is excellent Your approval rate is very High if Your Credit score low then Your approval rate low
  • Having a saving Account in any bank of india ( If You have icici bank account then you get pre approved loan offers)
  • Aadhar card and pan card needed

Icici bank loan review : loan amounts, interest rates , charges

  • icici bank loan amount from 50,000 Rupee to 50 lakh which is good for needy people
  • Icici bank loan tenure from 12 months to 60 month’s which is good
  • Icici bank loan interest rates 10.90% to 19% per annum which is good for salaried employee
  • Icici bank loan processing fees 2.5% of loan amount + GST
  • icici bank bouncing charge 400 per bounce+ GST
  • loan cancellation charges 3000 + GST
  • additional interest on late payment is 24% per annum

How to Apply icici bank loan : icici loan process

  • You Can Apply ICICI personal loan by Directly icici bank loan app or Website
  • First you have to check eligibility by Giving some। Details about you
  • After checking you get loan offer from the icici bank after that You can customize loan offer according to your need
  • Then Sanctioned letter ✉️ is provided by bank after that money disburse on your given bank account

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