Swift Rupee loan app Review : Swift Rupee loan Real or Fake

Swift Rupee loan App Review :- Swift Rupee is Fake instant personal loan app, It Gives only 7 days loan tenure Which Very Short and Charge Very High interest Rates, Don’t Apply in This loan app if You want to take loan from NBFC Registered loan app then I will Give Direct link of that loan apps

Swift Rupee loan app Review
Swift Rupee loan app Review

Swift loan app Review में हम जानेंगे इस सवालों के जवाब

  • Is Swift Rupee 7 days loan app ?
  • Is Swift Rupee NBFC registered loan app ?
  • Is Swift Rupee loan app RBI approved ?
  • Can Swift Rupee hack our Contact lists ?
  • Can Swift Rupee Hack our Gallery ?
  • Swift Rupee loan not paid what happens ?

Swift Rupee instant loan : Basic Details

  1. Swift Rupee loan amount :-from 5000₹ to 5 lakh Rupee but in reality they Give You loan below 20k
  2. Swift loan app Tenure : 91 days to 120 day but that’s not true they Give only 7 day loan
  3. Swift Rupee loan APR ( Rate of interest ):- 18.25% which wrong they charge 40- 50% in week
  4. Swift instant personal loan app has 100K+ Download most of the download comes from Google and Facebook ads
  5. Swift instant loan app rating : 4.5 star with 3k Reviews

ये भी जाने रजिस्टर्ड लोन ऐप के बारे में

पर्सनल लोन ऐप आवेदन करें
बिजनेस लोन ऐप आवेदन करें
50,000₹ का लोन आवेदन करें
10,000₹ का लोन आवेदन करें

Swift Rupee loan : Eligibility Criteria & Documents

  • Indian Residents only
  • 18- 52 year age group
  • Have a stable Job
  • Aadhar Card for address Verification
  • Pan card
  • Active bank account for disbursement

Swift loan Customer Reviews : Swift instant loan

Swift loan customer reviews
Swift loan customer reviews
  • Yes Swift loan app is 7 days loan app Don’t apply
  • Yes They charge almost 40-50% of loan amount
  • Swift loan app Has no Customer Support team
  • Swift loan is RBI approved loan app
  • Swift loan app has no NBFC

Swift loan app Complaint || Swift loan app Harassment

  • You can File a Complaint in Cyber-crime online
  • You can File complaint in your nearest police station
  • Don’t Repay a single penny of this loan app
  • Alert Your Contact and Your Family Friends about this loan app
Jupitar Edge Pay Later app Review : Jupiter Edge Real or Fake
Jupitar edge paylater app review
Jupitar Edge Paylater app Review
  1. Jupitar Paylater app से आप 20,000₹ तक की क्रेडिट लिमिट ले सकते है
  2. Jupitar Edge paylater का Repayment आप महीने में 2 बार कर सकते है 5 और 20 तारीक को
  3. Jupitar Edge pay later app Tenure 15 Day at 0% interest rate

Jupitar Edge Paylater app : Basic Features

  • Jupitar edge pay later has more than 1 million download in Google Play Store
  • 100% digital process
  • Instant approval of credit limit
  • Buy now pay later
  • No interest no fees no charges

How to Get Credit limit in Jupitar Edge Pay later

  • You Can get instant credit limit from Jupitar Edge app by Follow some simple and easy steps , First install this app from playstore and fill Your KYC details like aadhar card and Pan card details and get instant approval from Jupitar Edge Paylater application ,You Can use this Credit limit in bith Offline and online stores or Pay By scanning QR Code

Jupiter Edge pay later Customers Reviews

Jupiter Edge Paylater Customer reviews
Jupiter Edge Paylater Customer reviews

Slice Vs One Card Who’s Better ? know about

Can we transfer Jupiter Edge Paylater limit in bank ?

  • yes you transfer your jupitar edge pay later limit by Scan QR codes & merchant account
  • Pay twice in a months 5 and 20th of the months
  • Watch Existing customer reviews Before apply
  • Pay Your EMI timely for good credit score
  • Don’t Take Multiple credit limit
Glory loan app Review :Glory loan Real or Fake फर्जी है क्या?

Glory loan app review : Glory app is fake loan app don’t apply on this loan app they give only 7 day loan and if you don’t able to pay loan timely they Call in Your Contact and Defaming You & If You install this loan app then they will hack contact list and other things. Glory loan app has more than 1 lakh download and Decent Ratings,Review Because of Google and Facebook ads

Glory loan app review
Glory loan app review

Glory loan app : Instant personal loan Basic features

  1. Glory instant loan app loan amount from 5000₹ to 50,000₹
  2. Glory loan app interest rates from 17% to 24% which is not true according to critical Review of Customer they Charge 200% interest Monthly
  3. Glory loan processing fees : 0% but in reality they Charge a lot
  4. Glory app playstore download is 100k+
  5. Glory app rating 4.7 star with 3k Review which Totally Fake given by third party app
  6. no physical documents needed for Glory instant personal loan app

Glory loan app : Eligibility Criteria & Documents

  • Salaried Employee With or Without any Credit score
  • Self Employed with Credit History Required for this Personal loan
  • Residents of India
  • 18+ Year old must be
  • Customer must have active bank account

Glory Customer Reviews

Glory loan customer reviews
Glory loan customer reviews
  • If You will See this review then You will Be Cleared about this loan app
  • Glory loan app interest more than 50% per week which very Huge And Small Borrowers Can’t Repay This type of instant loan
  • Glory app Tenure is 7 day which is very Short : How will People arrange money
  • Don’t take loan from this app because they hack Your Contact & Harrassing You

Glory Loan app Complaint Kaise करें

  • You Should File Complaint on Cyber-crime Website online Free
  • Also Your can file Complaint on nearest police station
  • If Your friend or You Fall in trap of These loan app then You Should totally ingore this kind of apps
Ring Paylater app QR Code : Ring Paylater app Review

Ring Paylater App Review & Ring Paylater QR code : Everybody want to Take Credit limit from Ring Paylater app but Due to Some issues People not use or Send Ring Credit line limit in Their bank account So Don’t Worry Today This Problem will be ended by Us,but First We should know about Ring Paylater app in Detailed

Ring Paylater app Review
Ring Paylater app Review

What is Ring Paylater app ? What’s Ring App

  • Ring is an online Credit plateform that can be used by users to shop offline and online stores & Ring app Provides Buy Now Pay Facility For user & Users Can Buy Something From Ring Marchent or Scan QR Codes with this Ring Paylater limit and Repay after 30 Day at 0% interest Rates,But they Charge Some Fees when You Apply For Ring credit limit

How does the Ring app Work ?

  • The user is Provided Credit limit By Ring app which can be used for Pay offline and online and Scan QR Code ,Also You can send this Credit limit in Your Bank account and Repay Your Bill Timely for increasing Your Credit limit again,You Should Start Your scan and pay Journey with Ring Merchant

Ring Paylater App Review : Basic Features

  1. Ring Paylater has 5 Million download in playstore
  2. Ring App Has 4.2 Star Rating With 90 thousands Reviews
  3. Customers can Avail Credit limit Upto 35,000₹ with Quick and paperless KYC in under 2 minutes
  4. One Click magic on boarding & Quick and Simple Process
  5. Flexible and Multiple Payment Options in Ring Paylater app
  6. Instant approval & Credit Activation
  7. No physical documents & Collateral Required

Ring Paylater App Eligibility Criteria & Documents

  • Applicants Age Should be 21 Year or Above
  • Indian Citizens
  • Minimum monthly salary 25,000₹ But Proof Not Required
  • Only Pan Card Required
  • aadhar card details and linked Mobile Number Required for Ekyc

Ring Paylater QR Code ?

Ring paylater QR Code
Ring Paylater QR Code
  • Sometime Ring Paylater Marchant QR Code Required For Activation of Scan and pay option in Paylater App
  • There are Facing some issues while Sending Money to Friends Phonepay or Gpay QR Code , But Don’t if You want to send Money in your friends and Family Then you Should Pay atleast 1₹ to Ring Marchant

Ring Merchant Customer Care Number

  • For Any queries and grievances with Ring app You Can Contact Ring app on below Mentioned Details
  • Call :- 022-41434302
  • Email support of Ring app :- care@paywithring.com
  • Chat :-022-41434380
  • Address of Ring Pay Office :- 2nd Floor Nahur West Mumbai,400078

Ring Paylater merchant lists

Ring paylater merchant list
Ring Paylater merchant list

Ring Paylater app Video Review || Ring app Review

Funmo loan app Review,FunMo loan app Real or Fake

Funmo loan app Review : FunMo is 7 day loan app, it’s a Fake type of loan app which don’t Follow Google Play & RBI Rules,So don’t Take loan from FunMo app.Today I Will you Complete Review of FunMo loan app,Funmo has more than 1 lakh Download and 4.4 star Rating which is Totally Paid by Third Party Apps

Funmo loan app review
funmo loan app review

Funmo loan app : Basic Features

  • Funmo instant loan app : loan amount from 2000₹ to 5000₹ which is not true actual loan amount start from 1000₹
  • Funmo loan Tenure : Minimum tenure 91 days to maximum 150 day according to about Section of Google playstore but actually they are giving only 7 days loan
  • Funmo loan interest rates 8% to 14% per annum but this is completely Wrong they charge more than 30% of loan amount So Stay Away from this app
  • Funmo processing fee 0%
  • FunMo instant loan app NBFC :- F6 Capital & Finance limited ( Not Verified)

Funmo loan Eligibility Criteria & Documents

  • You must be a citizen of india
  • Age must be above 18+
  • Aadhar card for address verification
  • Pan Card is needed for FunMo instant loan
  • Active Bank account for loan disbursal

Funmo App Customer Reviews

FunMo App customer reviews
FunMo app Customer Reviews
  1. According to Boben Review: First they Showed Higher amount but after I uploaded my documents,I was Eligible for 1000₹ Loan and without my approval credited money to my account with high percentage of service fees of 350₹ for 1 week only.It is not helpful at all
  2. It’s cleared that this is Fake loan app because They are unauthorised and Don’t Rights for loan disbursement
  3. This App Violates Google Financial product policies like tenure should be less than 60 days
  4. They can Hack Your Data & harassing You for Repayment

भारत की 5 NBFC REGISTERED लोन ऐप से लोन लेने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

How to Complain FunMo Loan app

Creditt loan app Review ,Creditt instant loan Real or Fake

Creditt loan app Review: Creditt is NBFC Register loan app but there are some issues which You want to know that’s Very Important if You want to take loan from Creditt instant loan app, Creditt has 1 Million plus playstore Download with 4.2 Star Rating & 42k Reviews which Huge but Creditt loan app works only Limited Area.

Creditt loan app Review
Creditt loan app Review

✅Creditt loan app : Basic Features

  • Creditt instant loan app: Loan Amount from 5000₹ to 30,000₹ within 30 minutes
  • Creditt loan interest rates range from 20% to 36 % per annum based on Products
  • Loan tenure from 90Days to 180 day based on eligibility
  • Processing fees start at just 350₹ and the maximum 3% whichever is higher
  • No membership fees or Up-front Fees Taken By Creditt app।

✅Creditt loan app : Most Important Things 👇

  • No Credit History Required For Creditt personal loans and No Pre Payment Charges at all
  • Creditt NBFC DETAILS :- Datson Exports Ltd ,Samapti Securities Ltd
  • Cities/States in Which Creditt App is Available 👇
  • Mumbai,Pune,thane,delhi,Gujrat, Bangalore, Chennai,Coimbatore,Kolkata, Nagpur, Udaipur,Mysuru,Gajiabaad,Noida,Gurugram

Creditt app Eligibility criteria & Documents

  • Aadhar card needed for Register
  • Customer will get the loan according to address mentioned on their aadhar card
  • Active Pan Card needed to Apply for Creditt loan
  • Bank Statement of 3 months or NetBanking Credentials of Salary Account
  • Aadhar Registered Mobile Number is Needed

Creditt loan app review : Customer Reviews

Creditt loan app Customer Reviews
Creditt loan app Customer Reviews
  • Creditt is RBI approved NBFC loan app
  • Creditt is giving loan only servicable location don’t apply if you don’t belong to Service area of Creditt
  • Some Customers Facing Customer Support team problems & Majorly loan Rejection issue
  • Some Creditt Customer facing Extra interest or Charges (according to play store review)

How Creditt loan app Works ?

  1. Register Using Aadhar & Mobile Number
  2. Avail a loan in 4 Simple Steps
  3. On Approval ,loan amount transferred into bank account real time
  4. Is Creditt app NBFC Registered ? :- Yes it’s Joint With 2 NBFC which are RBI approved NBFC
Large Taka loan app Review :Real or Fake loan app?

Large Taka Loan App Review : Large Taka loan app is 7 days loan app and they hack Your Contacts list Today I will Give Complete Review of Large Taka Loan app with Customers Reviews and Proof, Don’t Apply on This Loan app because this is fake loan app and Charge very High Rate of interest rates, this loan apps increase their download by Google and Facebook advertising

Large Taka loan app Review
Large Taka loan app Review

Large Taka Loan App : Basic Details

  • Large Taka loan amount from 2000₹ to 10,000
  • Large Taka loan tenure 7 days which is illegal and unauthorised app
  • They hacks your contact list and Harassment
  • 100k+ Play Store Download
  • Large Taka loan app has 4.3 star rating with 6k Reviews
  • Large Taka NBFC :- This App using another loan apps name for their NBFC
  • Large Taka is Fraud loan app don’t apply
  • Large Taka play store Description : Copy and paste not Real।

Large Taka loan Customer Reviews

Large Taka customer reviews
Large Taka app Customers Reviews
  • According to customer review if they approve 2000₹ loan but actually they disburse only 1200 and 800₹ as a charge which huge
  • Repayment term is very short : 7 day loan app only
  • Harassing for Repayment & Hack your Contact list
  • Don’t apply on this loan app it’s unauthorised loan app which has no NBFC and lender patner।

Large Taka loan Complain kaise kare ?

  • You can file a online Complain in Cybercrime Portal without any Charges
  • You can also file Complain in your Nearest Police Station
  • Avoid Short term loan as well as take loan from NBFC loan and bank loan apps

भारत की NBFC लोन ऐप से लोन लेने के लिए ये पढ़े

True Balance loan not Paid What Happens: जानें हिंदी में
True Balance loan not Paid What Happens
True Balance ka loan Repayment nahi kiya to ?

अक्सर मुझसे एक सवाल अक्सर लोग पूछते है की सर अगर हम True Balance ka loan na chukaye to kya hoga ? या फिर इंग्लिश में लिखते है “If True Balance loan not Paid What Happens ? तो इसका बड़ा सीधा सा उत्तर है की अगर आप किसी व्यक्ति से उधार लेते है और जितने समय अवधि के लिए बोल के लेते है उतने समय अवधि में लौटा देते है तो अगली बार वो आपको पहले से आसानी और ज्यादा पैसा देना की सोचता है उसको लगता है

ये व्यक्ति बहुत ही ईमानदार है उसको पैसे दूंगा तो मारा नहीं जायेगा लेकिन वही पे अगर आपने लिए हुए उधार को समय में नहीं चुकाया तो यहां 2 बाते होगी पहली की आगे जब भी आपको जरूरत होगी तो वो जिससे आपने पहले उधार लिया है वो नही देगा और दूसरा वो व्यक्ति दूसरे अड़ोस पड़ोस के व्यक्ति को भी इसके बारे में बताएगा जिससे आपको कोई उधार नहीं देगा

True Balance ka loan Repayment nahi kiya to ? क्या होगा

जैसे की हमने आपको बताया कि आगे से उधार देने वाला व्यक्ति दूसरे व्यक्ति को बताएगा और आपको कोई अन्य व्यक्ति उधार नहीं देगा वैसा ही दोस्तो जब कोई बैंक,या लोन देने वाली लोन ऐप आपको लोन देती है भले ही वो लोन छोटा हो या बड़ा उसकी रिपोर्ट CIBIL को देनी पड़ती है इसका मतलब की हर पैसे देने वाले को पता होता है की आपने पहले कहा से लोन लिया है

मतलब की अगर आप true Balance ka loan nahi chukaya तो True Balance सिबिल को दी हुई क्रेडिट रिपोर्ट में ये बताएगा जिसके कारण आपको भविष्य में कोई लोन नहीं देगा और अगर देगा तो आपसे ज्यादा ब्याज वसूलेगा क्योंकि क्रेडिट रिपोर्ट यहां उधरकर्ता की ईमानदारी की निशानी है

क्या True Balance legal action लेगा ? रिपेमेंट नही किया तो

True Balance legal notice
True Balance Legal notice
  • If You don’t Repay Your Loan After Many Reminder of True Balance loan You will be Received Legal Notice from true Balance app but Don’t worry I Have a Solution
  • Solution 1 :- Contact Customer care Tell them Your problem and ask for removal of overdues Charges if they do that Then You can Repay Your Loan
  • Solution 2 :- You can Respond Legal notice By Contacting Them & Compromise Your Loan With Your Affordable amount

Is True Balance legit OR an online loan Scam ?

” True Balance is Registered NBFC with the name of True credits and Mamta Project which are RBI approved NBFC So You Can Say that True Balance is Legit loan app And True Balance loan app have 5 Crore Customers So You can Trust True Balance ♎

Dhani legal Notice का सच जानें : Click Here

इन top 5 लोन ऐप से लोन ले NBFC Registered हैं : Click Here

Watch Video on What Happens if you not pay True balance loan.

True balance loan not paid
Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan Review: Real or Fake
  • Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan : it is the best loan app for all indian this is new app with low interest rates and charges.It Gives all types of loan like , Business loan , Personal loans , salaried loan and self employed loan.You can Take loan from this app to fullfill your emergency needs like Medical emergency, financial emergency,dues clearing etc.
Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan
Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan

Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan : Features & Benefits

Collateral Free Personal loan | large Sanction Amount | quick approval and disbursal | Flexible Tenure

  • Poonawalla Personal loan Amount :- Upto 30 lakh Rupees for various needs which huge amount
  • Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan interest rates from 10.99% to 16.49% which is very Good
  • Poonawalla Fincorp loan processing fees upto 2% +GST
  • Poonawalla Fincorp loan tenure from 1 year to 5 year
  • 100% paperless personal loans with no physical documents required
  • No penalty for pre payment or foreclosure
  • Quick approval and instant disbursal in your bank account
  • No hidden charges of poonawalla Fincorp Personal loans

Eligibility criteria for Poonawalla Personal loan

Qualifying for Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loan is easy and effortless.You don’t have to meet a long list of eligibility criteria to get successful loan approval. This makes the loan easy to avail and process All applications are assessed based on 5 simple criteria

  • Age :- The Applicants must be at least 22 year old and no more than 58 year old
  • Citizenship :- Applicants must be a citizen of India
  • Work Experience :- Applicants must have atleast 1 year work experience and at least two months of stable employment at their present workplace
  • Employer Category :- Applicants must work full time for public/private limited corporation or limited liability partnership
  • Monthly income :- applicants must have a monthly income of 20,000
**CIBIL SCORE :- in addition to this ,you are required to have a good CIBIL SCORE and credit history .one of the most crucial things that can affect the interest rates on your personal loan is your credit score
  • By meeting Just these Few Requirements,you can get a personal loan approval online , Apply for personal loan by filing these details in online form and get approval quickly

Documents Required for Poonawalla Fincorp Personal loans


Poonawalla Fincorp offer personal loans for

  • Salaried individuals
  • Professionals and Self Employed person
  • Chartered accountants
  • Doctor
  • Company Secretary

भारत की टॉप 5 पर्सनल लोन ऐप से लोन ले : क्लिक करें

Loan PaPa App Review : Real or Fake loan app फर्जी है क्या

Loan Papa App Review : Loan Papa app is fake type of loan app they Give only very small loan with very high processing for 7 days don’t apply on this loan app.It is unauthorised loan app & totally fraud.this app Hacks your Contact list and defaming you

Loan PaPa loan app Review
loan PaPa app review

loan PaPa instant loan app : Basic details

  • Loan PaPa app 100K+ download which mostly came from Google and Facebook ads
  • Loan PaPa app has 4.7 star ratings and 460 Review totally paid by third party App
  • loan PaPa NBFC ( lending partner) :- Wipro Financial service limited which registered under RBI (Not Verified)
  • loan papa app loan amount from 2000 to 2 lakh but actually they give only 1k to 2k loan
  • Instant loan app tenure :- 95 days to 2 year
  • Maximum APR is 36%

loan papa loan eligibility

  • Indian Citizens with Valid Documents
  • Age Should be 18year – 55 year
  • Have a stable income

Loan papa instant app Customer reviews

Loan papa customers Review
loan papa customer reviews
  • Loan papa is totally fraud app because they are not giving loan they collect only customers data
  • After Watching Customers Reviews : this is 7 day loan app
  • Don’t apply on this app

How to file complaint against loan papa app

If You want to file legal complaint against loan papa app you should follow these steps which is very Helpful for victim Customer

  • You can file complaint in Cybercrime portals online & there is no charge for complain of loan papa app
  • You can file complaint in nearest police station
  • You can share this article to your friends and family
  • You can report this app to play store by giving flag as inappropriate action.
  • Don’t pay a single penny to this loan app

Top 5 loan app से लोन कैसे ले ✓NBFC ऐप

instant loan app scam in india spread out in large parts of india don’t fall into this trap and don’t afraid to this loan app