Coin Cash loan app Review : Coin cash app Real or Fake

Coin cash loan app review :- If you want to urgent need of money often You are going to Play Store and search best loan app , best personal loan app without income proofs but You Get a loan app which name is Coin cash loan which Have good number of downlaods and rating But When You Applied For loan You Shocked After Watching Reality ? what was the reality Today I will tell You Exact Reality About Coincash loan app

Coincash loan app Review
Coincash loan app review

Coincash loan app : Basic Features of Coin cash app

  1. Coin Cash loan amounts from 3000 Rupee to 2 lakh Rupee but actually they Don’t give More than 10,000
  2. Coin Cash loan tenure :- minimum tenure -95 days and maximum tenure 365 days but in Reality they Give only 7 days loan
  3. Interest rates of Coincash loan app is 30 % APR
  4. Coin Cash loan app Processing fees – 5% to 9% according to customer risk Profiles
  5. Coin cash loan app playstore download is 100k+ with 4.8 star ratings

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Coin Cash loan Customer Reviews: instant loan app

Coin Cash loan app
Coincash loan app Customer reviews
  • I am totally shocked after watch coin cash loan app Customer reviews according to a customer this loan app sending sexual photos and blackmailing for repayment & sending Morph Photos to Contact list it’s very Cheated and fraud app don’t Apply
  • Coincash has no NBFC they are giving Fake NBFC name if this NBFC is correct then RBI immediately cancels license of this type of NBFC
  • They are pramoting their apps by Google ads and Facebook ads and people falls in their loan traps
  • I’f you want to take loan from any app then first check their Critical Reviews and then apply after Satisfaction

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Buddy Cash loan Review : Buddy Cash Real or Fake

Buddy Cash loan Review : Buddy Cash loan app has 1 Million download with 4.4 star rating and 13k Reviews which is totally fake and paid . I will Give you proof of buddy cash loan if you want take loan from buddy cash then highly Recommend Review for You and Share this post to your Friends and Family

Buddy cash loan app review
buddy cash loan Review

Buddy Cash loan app : Basic features

  • Buddy cash loan amount from 30,000 rupee to 1 lakh Rupee but Actual Reality is different they give only Short loan amount
  • Buddy Cash app tenure : minimum loan tenure 95 days maximum loan tenure 6 months But Actual they Give only 7 day loan
  • Rates of interest of buddy cash loan is 0 % to 25 % + processing fees is very high
  • Buddy cash loan app Can hack Your Contact list and send Your Contact list if you delayed you payments
  • DON’T apply if You want big loan for long term tenure

Is it Real of Fake? :Buddy cash loan Review

Buddy cash loan app is totally fake loan app because this loan app is giving you very high interest loan around 40% charged of the loan amount & this loan you should repay within 7 day so Now you understand which type of loan app is Buddy Cash .it give only 7 days tenure which violate Google play store policies of finance so don’t apply and stay away from Buddy Cash loan app

Buddy cash loan review
Buddy cash loan app review
  • Buddy cash is cheater instant loan app if you read their genuine customer review it clear that how they Cheat with Customers
  • This is unauthorised instant loan apps
  • This not a instant personal loan app & this is only money mafia which charged very high Interest
  • If You delayed your payment by 1 day they are tourched you by Sending messages to your contacts list and Defame you
  • They Can misuse Your Documents like they are selling in your Information to Dark web or Other illegal plateform

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Loan Bro Loan App Review : Loan Bro app Real or Fake

Loan Bro loan app Review : Loan Bro app is fraud and cheated app they give only 7 days loan app and If You Check Eligibility in Loan Bro app the without your permission loan amount is credited in your bank account and If You Repaid loan timely but they again demanding for loan Repayment So this Fake type of loan apps Don’t trust on loan bro loan app

Loan bro loan app
Loan Bro loan app review

Loan Bro loan app : Basic Details

  • Loan bro loan amount : 3000 to 2 lakh which totally wrong they don’t give you more than 10k and Demand High Repayment
  • Loan bro tenure : According to their about Section tenure 95 days -365days but in actual they give only 7 days loan
  • Loanbro NBFC :- Classic leasing and Finance limited which is not verified
  • Loan bro Customer mail id :- which is very cheap mail if means this company & their domain not Registered
  • loan bro app download is 1million and 4.7 Star Rating

Loan Bro app Customers Review : loan bro app

I will show You genuine customer reviews of loan bro app which is given by Real Customer Show see carefully and Give Your Suggestions and today I will Give Way to get out from the trap of loan app . how to Complain this loan app step by step process

loanbro app Customers Review
  • After seeing Customer Review it clear that loan bro app totally fraud because of many reasons
  • They are follow Google Guidelines for finance Which is : — No loan app can give loan less than 92 days bus they give only 7 days loan which is totally violet Google policies
  • they give loan without Customer permission if you check your Eligibility not Apply for final disbursle but they disburse loan amount in your account without your Consent So don’t take loan from loan bro app

Is loanbro app genuine or fake ?

loan bro app is not giving any personal loan so don’t Apply they give only short term loan for 7 days if you fall in trap of loan bro app don’t worry and File a Complaint in Cybercrime online from your home as well as you can file a Complaint on। Nearest police stations and alert your Family and contact about this fake loan app

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Small Credit loan app Review : Small Credit app Fake or Real

Small Credit Loan app Review :- ™ Don’t apply in Small Credit loan app for loan mostly they Collect Your Data and rarely give loan which is only for 7 days . Small Credit buddy cash loan app is unauthorised loan apps in play store by Wrong Description in Abouts Section today I will Give you Detailed Analysis of Small Credit loan app

Small Credit loan app review
Small credit loan app Review

Small Credit loan app : Buddy cash Basic Details

  • Small Credit app loan amount from 10,000 to 1 lakh Rupees which not true they only small amount like 2k – 10k
  • Small Credit loan tenure from 3 months to 72 months which is totally wrong they give only 7 day loan
  • APR of small Credit loan from 14%- 28% + Processing fees + GST totally 30%-40% of loan amount
  • Small credit app download in playstore in 500k+ and 4.6 star Ratings
  • Small credit loan app NBFC partner :- Small investment and finance limited

Small Credit loan app Customers Review

Small credit loan app Review
small Credit loan app Customers Review
  • If You See Customer Review of small credit loan app it is clear that main purpose of this loan app is collecting Customer data and Give very less loan with high interest and short term like 7 day loan
  • Small Credit app is fake type of App because they are not follow RBI and Google playstore policies
  • Small Credit has Gain more Download by paid Advertising of Google ads and Facebook ads
  • Most of the review is given by paid company

How to file Complaint against small Credit loan app

If you have been Cheated in any way then You can Complain in Cybercrime online & you Can Complain in your nearest police station . Alert Your Contact and Family abouts these Fraud loan app they Are Hacker and Fraudulent so don’t Apply these Fraud app

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Prompt in loan app Review : Promptin app Real OR Fake

Prompt in loan app review :- Prompt in loan app is a 7 day loan app which is Not follow Rules and Regulations of Google & They publish wrong Description in their about Section. Today I will Give you Detailed Analysis of Prompt in loan app so please Real Complete Article & Don’t Apply For loan and I will you NBFC loan app

Prompt app review
prompt in loan app review

Prompt in loan app : Basic Details 👇

  • Promptin loan app loan amount :- 1000₹ to 60,000₹ but they never you more than 10,000
  • Prompt in loan app tenure :- 180 days to 360Days which totally Fake they give only 7 day loan according to customer review
  • Prompt in has 1Million download in playstore and 4 ⭐ ratings
  • Prompt in loan app Interest rates :- Estimate APR 33%
  • Prompt in app processing Fees 90- 2000₹ + 18% GST

Prompt in loan app Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian Residents
  • Age between 20-45 year Old
  • Should have Monthly Source of income/ independent businessman
  • You should have Aadhar Card
  • You should have pan card

Why prompt in app ??

  • No credit history Required for instant loan
  • paperless and digital process through Your mobile phone
  • available in pan India
  • Disbursement to your connected account once approved
  • Get 24*7 You can apply
  • They can harass you if you don’t pay loan within 7 day so don’t take loan from this app

Prompt in Customer Reviews 👇

Promptin app review
prompt in app Customers Review
  • I’f you Customers Review it’s clear that they Give only 7 days loan app
  • They Charged high Repayment fees around 30-40% so don’t take
  • They can harass you if you don’t pay loan in timely they use your contact list and send bad messages to your contact numbers

How to file Complaints against Prompt in loan app

  • I’f you want to file Complaints then go to cybercrime official website you can Complaint online
  • You Can file Complaints in nearest police station don’t hesitate to Complain
  • Alert Your family and contacts about these Fraud loan app
  • Don’t apply 7 days loan app and read Critical Review before apply

®Handy loan app Review Real or Fake loan

Handy loan app Review :- if you need some money then Don’t Apply in Handy loan because they give only 7 day loan and harassing you if You delayed in payment.Today I will Give Details Analysis of handy loan like Actual Interest rate , Customer Reviews ,Hidden Charges And Customer Services

Handy loan app
Handy loan app Review
  1. What is the NBFC of handy loan ?
  2. Actual loan amount of Handy loan ?
  3. Actual Tenure of Handy loan ?
  4. Is Handy loan Safe or Not ?
  5. Handy loan Customer experience
  6. NBFC loan app से लोन लेने के लिए क्लिक करें

Handy loan app :Basic Details

  • Loan amount of Handy loan from 2000 to 2 lakh but Actual Reality they Don’t Give you loan more than 20,000
  • Handy loan app tenure 3 months to 24 months which is totally incorrect they Don’t give 3 months for loan repayment they give only 7 days So don’t Apply
  • Handy loan app have 1million download with 4.6Star ratings ( Main source of Download is Google Ads)
  • Handy loan app NBFC mehata housing Finance

Charges of Handy loan ? Loan app charges

  • Annual Rate of Interest of handy loan 18% to 30%
  • Processing fees 5% + GST ( Min 100 + GST and maximum 5000+ GST)
  • They Heavily Charge on Overdue 1% – 2% Daily

Handy loan app Customers Review

Handy loan app Customers Review
Handy loan app Customers Review
  • Handy loan app Customers Review Exposes Handy loan they Charge around 30% – 40% of loan amount
  • They Don’t update Customer Profile After Repayment
  • They Give Only Weekly loan So don’t apply
  • they are harassing Customer by using Customer Contact list and Send Bad messages
  • Handy loan never Follow Google Guidelines So Google Should Take Against this kind of loan app

How to Complaint Handy loan app

  • You can file a Complaint in Cybercrime online
  • you can file a Complaint in your nearest police station
  • Alert Your Family and Relative’s and never apply Such kind of loan app
  • Always check Critical Review’s before Applying for laon

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Wonder loan app Review : क्या यह एक फ्रॉड लोन ऐप है

Wonder loan app Review :- This is very Important Review for my All Viewer This loan app is unauthorised They have no Right to disbursement of loan they are Working illegally in Google Playstore today I will You proofs and customer Reviews of this loan app so read Carefully Full Article . wonder loan app is Fake type of loan app

Wonder loan app Review

✅Wonder loan app Basic Details 👇

  • ✓Wonder loan Amount :- 3000₹ to 2 lakh according to their About Section
  • ✓Wonder loan app Tenure : – 91 days to 365 days which totally Wrong they never give Loan tenure like 91 days they only give 7 days loan
  • ✓Wonder loan interest rates : 2% to 22% According to google About Section which Incorrect According to some customers they Charged Heavily around 30-40%
  • ✓Wonder loan app NBFC :- Tainadu Finance private limited
  • ✓Wonder loan Playstore Download more than 1 lakh + (Main Source of Downloads in Google Ads )
  • ✓Wonder loan app Ratings :- 4.7 ⭐ star which Is totally Paid Not Genuine

Wonder loan app Customer Reviews

Wonder loan app
Wonder loan app Review

Is Wonder loan app Fake ??

Yes Absolutely Wonder loan app is fake there is not Doubt If You See All customer Review then Everything Will Clear Example

  • In Some cases wonder loan give loan without Customer permission after that They Call rudely For repayment and harassing
  • If you Read Reviews Carefully then its clear that they give only 7 days loan which main Identity of Fake loan app
  • If You delayed your repayment then They will Call in Your Contact list Number And Defaming You So alert and Don’t Apply

How can be protect Your Self from these loan app ?

  • If You have Fallen into their Traps So don’t Worry firstly Tell Your family and contact about these Fraud loan app And tell them fake loan app hack my data and blackmailing me
  • Ignore Fake Calls and keep an apps in your device that Blacklists Automatically Unknown Numbers
  • Don’t Apply for loan by watching Advertising or Unknown Links
  • Don’t Apply in Any apps without see Their Critical Review’s

Wonder loan app Complaint Process ?

Complaining in Cybercrime is as easy as in Writing a letter ✉️ so don’t Hesitate to Complain in Cybercrime online .If You Want know that how can we Complaints loan app in Cyber crime Don’t Worry I will Give You Video Solution and Follow These Steps

Tala loan app Review :Tata App Real or Fake

Tala loan app review :- Tala loan app is a International loan app which Give Small amount of loan with low interest . Today I will Show You Tala loan app Full Detailed Review as well As Customer reviews . This Review is benificial for you to best select best loan Option for you

Tala loan app review
Tala loan app review

Tala loan app Basic Details : Small loan app

  • ✅Tala loan app loan amount :- minimum loan amount 1000₹ and Maximum loan amount 10,000
  • ✅Tala loan app tenure :- Minimum 2 months and maximum 3months
  • ✅Processing fees 15% of the Approved loan amount which Very High plus 18% GST on processing fees
  • ✅Annual interest Rates 36%
  • ✅Tala loan NBFC :- DMI Finance and Apollo Finvest Pvt Ltd

▶️ How Do I get Tala loan ?

  • ✓Download then install the app and fill the form
  • ✓Get Your Loan Approval in Second
  • ✓Verify Your indentity with Secure System
  • ✓Get your Loan Directly in Your Bank Account
  • ✓No Salary Slip Required for tala instant loan
  • ✓No bank statement required for tala loan app
  • ✓No Credit History Required for tala loan app

Tala loan app Customer Reviewe

Tala loan app
tala loan app Customer Reviews

You can See Customer Reviews of tala loan app and Decide is Tala loan app is for loan or not If You have Doubt Regarding tala loan Watch Video On YouTube By Searching Tala loan app Review Tala loan app Gives only Small loan for short term tenure They will Give Big loan for valuable Customers in Future

Term and condition of Tala loan app on Overdue Charges

To Qualify for tala loans Borrower must satisfy Kyc and Underwriting Requirements. a one time overdue Interest charge on 8% of outstanding Balance May be Applied to loan past due date . Additional term and condition apply

CashBusNew loan app Review : Real or Fake

CashbusNew loan app Review :- Cashbusnew loan app is fake type of loan app because CashBusNew loan is giving only 7 day loan with very interest and Charges . You Need know about full details of this loan app then select What you Want. CashBusNew application Has 1 lakh download in playstore & most downloads comes from Google advertisement & Facebook advertising.

  • CashBusNew loan NBFC REGISTERED है या नही

CashBusNew loan app : Basic Details

  • cashbusnew app has 100,000 downloads in playstore
  • Cashbusnew app 4.7 ⭐ Rating Which Paid Not real rating and Review So don’t Trust on this review
  • Cashbuanew loan amount :- Upto 60,000 which is totally fake they are giving only 2k to 5k loan maximum 10k loan
  • loan tenure :- 3 months to 6 month which is totally Wrong they are giving only 7 day loan
  • CashBusNew loan approval on the Basic of Contact list most cases they are reject your loan without reason main purpose of these loan app to gain you documents

CashBusNew app Customers Review

CashBusnew loan app customer reviews

It Clear after watching review CashBusNew is totally fraud loan app don’t trust them . They Hack your contact list and documents and harass you for Repayment or any other illegal activities So Install this app and don’t take loan from this type of loan app

How to identify fake loan app ?

Identification of loan app is the most important things before taking loan & I have a following key point for identification of fake loan application . You need focus on This key point before applying any loan or personal loan

  1. Critical Review :- Before installing Any loan app Read Their Critical Review’s because Critical Review’s is Given By Genuine Customer
  2. NBFC & Banking Details :- If you want to take loan from any loan app then Once Cross check NBFC and banking . best way to checking is websites of NBFC and banks and search digital lending partners and verify them
  3. Review :- Check Review in Social media like YouTube and Article like Paperlessloan

How do I come out of the loan app Trap?

  • CYBERCRIME COMPLAINT :- First You Should file a Complaints on cybercrime portal this totally free
  • You can complaints your nearest police station
  • Alerts your family and contact about these loan app and tell them they hack my data and misuse
  • Change your Number for Somedays for mentally free
  • Don’t afraid of these fake loan app
  • Share this Article if you want to Spread Awareness in people’s

One Cash loan app Review : Real or Fake जानें

OneCash loan app fake and fraud app Because this app given only 7 days loan app so don’t apply on this app . Today We do Full Analysis of Onecash loan app & You Shocked if you watch in playstore because this app gain 5 star rating which top rating in playstore

Onecash loan review

OneCash loan app Basic Details

  • one cash loan app loan amount from 2000₹ to 2 lakh Rupee( they give only small loan and charge heavily
  • OneCash loan tenure 3months to 72 months ( But in Reality they are giving only 7 days loan )
  • OneCash Processing Fees 5% + GST (They charge around 30% to 40% of loan
  • OneCash loan NBFC sahara one media and entertainment
  • one cash is 100% paperlessloan application
  • OneCash loan can hack Your Contact and Harass you If you Delay Your payment

Proofs of Fake loan app :OneCash loan fake

OneCash loan app Real Customer Reviews
  • You can read the One Cash loan Customer Review 👇 After Read this you will be sure this is fake loan app
  • They are unauthorised app because they are giving only 7 days loan app
  • They are giving ads on Google and Gain Download
  • Fake 5 Star Rating they Are gaining 5star by piad Review

How to Take loan from NBFC LOAN APP

If you want to take loan from NBFC there are sign to identify loan app first is to read Customer critical review which is give by real Customer and read the problem faced by their customer and 2nd Thing is NBFC of loan app and Their verification for NBFC verification you should check NBFC website and Watch their Digital lending Partner

Get loan from NBFC loan app

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7 daya Loan app Flood in India ?

there are around 98% loan app in playstore is fake and fraud they are giving wrong Description and give only 7 days loan app so be alert and don’t apply on this loan app 7 days loan app is the biggest problem in india