®Handy loan app Review Real or Fake loan

Handy loan app Review :- if you need some money then Don’t Apply in Handy loan because they give only 7 day loan and harassing you if You delayed in payment.Today I will Give Details Analysis of handy loan like Actual Interest rate , Customer Reviews ,Hidden Charges And Customer Services

Handy loan app
Handy loan app Review
  1. What is the NBFC of handy loan ?
  2. Actual loan amount of Handy loan ?
  3. Actual Tenure of Handy loan ?
  4. Is Handy loan Safe or Not ?
  5. Handy loan Customer experience
  6. NBFC loan app से लोन लेने के लिए क्लिक करें

Handy loan app :Basic Details

  • Loan amount of Handy loan from 2000 to 2 lakh but Actual Reality they Don’t Give you loan more than 20,000
  • Handy loan app tenure 3 months to 24 months which is totally incorrect they Don’t give 3 months for loan repayment they give only 7 days So don’t Apply
  • Handy loan app have 1million download with 4.6Star ratings ( Main source of Download is Google Ads)
  • Handy loan app NBFC mehata housing Finance

Charges of Handy loan ? Loan app charges

  • Annual Rate of Interest of handy loan 18% to 30%
  • Processing fees 5% + GST ( Min 100 + GST and maximum 5000+ GST)
  • They Heavily Charge on Overdue 1% – 2% Daily

Handy loan app Customers Review

Handy loan app Customers Review
Handy loan app Customers Review
  • Handy loan app Customers Review Exposes Handy loan they Charge around 30% – 40% of loan amount
  • They Don’t update Customer Profile After Repayment
  • They Give Only Weekly loan So don’t apply
  • they are harassing Customer by using Customer Contact list and Send Bad messages
  • Handy loan never Follow Google Guidelines So Google Should Take Against this kind of loan app

How to Complaint Handy loan app

  • You can file a Complaint in Cybercrime online
  • you can file a Complaint in your nearest police station
  • Alert Your Family and Relative’s and never apply Such kind of loan app
  • Always check Critical Review’s before Applying for laon

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