Coin Cash loan app Review : Coin cash app Real or Fake

Coin cash loan app review :- If you want to urgent need of money often You are going to Play Store and search best loan app , best personal loan app without income proofs but You Get a loan app which name is Coin cash loan which Have good number of downlaods and rating But When You Applied For loan You Shocked After Watching Reality ? what was the reality Today I will tell You Exact Reality About Coincash loan app

Coincash loan app Review
Coincash loan app review

Coincash loan app : Basic Features of Coin cash app

  1. Coin Cash loan amounts from 3000 Rupee to 2 lakh Rupee but actually they Don’t give More than 10,000
  2. Coin Cash loan tenure :- minimum tenure -95 days and maximum tenure 365 days but in Reality they Give only 7 days loan
  3. Interest rates of Coincash loan app is 30 % APR
  4. Coin Cash loan app Processing fees – 5% to 9% according to customer risk Profiles
  5. Coin cash loan app playstore download is 100k+ with 4.8 star ratings

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Coin Cash loan Customer Reviews: instant loan app

Coin Cash loan app
Coincash loan app Customer reviews
  • I am totally shocked after watch coin cash loan app Customer reviews according to a customer this loan app sending sexual photos and blackmailing for repayment & sending Morph Photos to Contact list it’s very Cheated and fraud app don’t Apply
  • Coincash has no NBFC they are giving Fake NBFC name if this NBFC is correct then RBI immediately cancels license of this type of NBFC
  • They are pramoting their apps by Google ads and Facebook ads and people falls in their loan traps
  • I’f you want to take loan from any app then first check their Critical Reviews and then apply after Satisfaction

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