Loan PaPa App Review : Real or Fake loan app फर्जी है क्या

Loan Papa App Review : Loan Papa app is fake type of loan app they Give only very small loan with very high processing for 7 days don’t apply on this loan app.It is unauthorised loan app & totally fraud.this app Hacks your Contact list and defaming you

Loan PaPa loan app Review
loan PaPa app review

loan PaPa instant loan app : Basic details

  • Loan PaPa app 100K+ download which mostly came from Google and Facebook ads
  • Loan PaPa app has 4.7 star ratings and 460 Review totally paid by third party App
  • loan PaPa NBFC ( lending partner) :- Wipro Financial service limited which registered under RBI (Not Verified)
  • loan papa app loan amount from 2000 to 2 lakh but actually they give only 1k to 2k loan
  • Instant loan app tenure :- 95 days to 2 year
  • Maximum APR is 36%

loan papa loan eligibility

  • Indian Citizens with Valid Documents
  • Age Should be 18year – 55 year
  • Have a stable income

Loan papa instant app Customer reviews

Loan papa customers Review
loan papa customer reviews
  • Loan papa is totally fraud app because they are not giving loan they collect only customers data
  • After Watching Customers Reviews : this is 7 day loan app
  • Don’t apply on this app

How to file complaint against loan papa app

If You want to file legal complaint against loan papa app you should follow these steps which is very Helpful for victim Customer

  • You can file complaint in Cybercrime portals online & there is no charge for complain of loan papa app
  • You can file complaint in nearest police station
  • You can share this article to your friends and family
  • You can report this app to play store by giving flag as inappropriate action.
  • Don’t pay a single penny to this loan app

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instant loan app scam in india spread out in large parts of india don’t fall into this trap and don’t afraid to this loan app