Loan Bro Loan App Review : Loan Bro app Real or Fake

Loan Bro loan app Review : Loan Bro app is fraud and cheated app they give only 7 days loan app and If You Check Eligibility in Loan Bro app the without your permission loan amount is credited in your bank account and If You Repaid loan timely but they again demanding for loan Repayment So this Fake type of loan apps Don’t trust on loan bro loan app

Loan bro loan app
Loan Bro loan app review

Loan Bro loan app : Basic Details

  • Loan bro loan amount : 3000 to 2 lakh which totally wrong they don’t give you more than 10k and Demand High Repayment
  • Loan bro tenure : According to their about Section tenure 95 days -365days but in actual they give only 7 days loan
  • Loanbro NBFC :- Classic leasing and Finance limited which is not verified
  • Loan bro Customer mail id :- which is very cheap mail if means this company & their domain not Registered
  • loan bro app download is 1million and 4.7 Star Rating

Loan Bro app Customers Review : loan bro app

I will show You genuine customer reviews of loan bro app which is given by Real Customer Show see carefully and Give Your Suggestions and today I will Give Way to get out from the trap of loan app . how to Complain this loan app step by step process

loanbro app Customers Review
  • After seeing Customer Review it clear that loan bro app totally fraud because of many reasons
  • They are follow Google Guidelines for finance Which is : — No loan app can give loan less than 92 days bus they give only 7 days loan which is totally violet Google policies
  • they give loan without Customer permission if you check your Eligibility not Apply for final disbursle but they disburse loan amount in your account without your Consent So don’t take loan from loan bro app

Is loanbro app genuine or fake ?

loan bro app is not giving any personal loan so don’t Apply they give only short term loan for 7 days if you fall in trap of loan bro app don’t worry and File a Complaint in Cybercrime online from your home as well as you can file a Complaint on। Nearest police stations and alert your Family and contact about this fake loan app

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