One Cash loan app Review : Real or Fake जानें

OneCash loan app fake and fraud app Because this app given only 7 days loan app so don’t apply on this app . Today We do Full Analysis of Onecash loan app & You Shocked if you watch in playstore because this app gain 5 star rating which top rating in playstore

Onecash loan review

OneCash loan app Basic Details

  • one cash loan app loan amount from 2000₹ to 2 lakh Rupee( they give only small loan and charge heavily
  • OneCash loan tenure 3months to 72 months ( But in Reality they are giving only 7 days loan )
  • OneCash Processing Fees 5% + GST (They charge around 30% to 40% of loan
  • OneCash loan NBFC sahara one media and entertainment
  • one cash is 100% paperlessloan application
  • OneCash loan can hack Your Contact and Harass you If you Delay Your payment

Proofs of Fake loan app :OneCash loan fake

OneCash loan app Real Customer Reviews
  • You can read the One Cash loan Customer Review 👇 After Read this you will be sure this is fake loan app
  • They are unauthorised app because they are giving only 7 days loan app
  • They are giving ads on Google and Gain Download
  • Fake 5 Star Rating they Are gaining 5star by piad Review

How to Take loan from NBFC LOAN APP

If you want to take loan from NBFC there are sign to identify loan app first is to read Customer critical review which is give by real Customer and read the problem faced by their customer and 2nd Thing is NBFC of loan app and Their verification for NBFC verification you should check NBFC website and Watch their Digital lending Partner

Get loan from NBFC loan app

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7 daya Loan app Flood in India ?

there are around 98% loan app in playstore is fake and fraud they are giving wrong Description and give only 7 days loan app so be alert and don’t apply on this loan app 7 days loan app is the biggest problem in india