Swift Rupee loan app Review : Swift Rupee loan Real or Fake

Swift Rupee loan App Review :- Swift Rupee is Fake instant personal loan app, It Gives only 7 days loan tenure Which Very Short and Charge Very High interest Rates, Don’t Apply in This loan app if You want to take loan from NBFC Registered loan app then I will Give Direct link of that loan apps

Swift Rupee loan app Review
Swift Rupee loan app Review

Swift loan app Review में हम जानेंगे इस सवालों के जवाब

  • Is Swift Rupee 7 days loan app ?
  • Is Swift Rupee NBFC registered loan app ?
  • Is Swift Rupee loan app RBI approved ?
  • Can Swift Rupee hack our Contact lists ?
  • Can Swift Rupee Hack our Gallery ?
  • Swift Rupee loan not paid what happens ?

Swift Rupee instant loan : Basic Details

  1. Swift Rupee loan amount :-from 5000₹ to 5 lakh Rupee but in reality they Give You loan below 20k
  2. Swift loan app Tenure : 91 days to 120 day but that’s not true they Give only 7 day loan
  3. Swift Rupee loan APR ( Rate of interest ):- 18.25% which wrong they charge 40- 50% in week
  4. Swift instant personal loan app has 100K+ Download most of the download comes from Google and Facebook ads
  5. Swift instant loan app rating : 4.5 star with 3k Reviews

ये भी जाने रजिस्टर्ड लोन ऐप के बारे में

पर्सनल लोन ऐप आवेदन करें
बिजनेस लोन ऐप आवेदन करें
50,000₹ का लोन आवेदन करें
10,000₹ का लोन आवेदन करें

Swift Rupee loan : Eligibility Criteria & Documents

  • Indian Residents only
  • 18- 52 year age group
  • Have a stable Job
  • Aadhar Card for address Verification
  • Pan card
  • Active bank account for disbursement

Swift loan Customer Reviews : Swift instant loan

Swift loan customer reviews
Swift loan customer reviews
  • Yes Swift loan app is 7 days loan app Don’t apply
  • Yes They charge almost 40-50% of loan amount
  • Swift loan app Has no Customer Support team
  • Swift loan is RBI approved loan app
  • Swift loan app has no NBFC

Swift loan app Complaint || Swift loan app Harassment

  • You can File a Complaint in Cyber-crime online
  • You can File complaint in your nearest police station
  • Don’t Repay a single penny of this loan app
  • Alert Your Contact and Your Family Friends about this loan app