Flex Salary instant loan app Review : Flex Salary app Review

Flex Salary instant loan app Review :- If You want to take urgent instant personal loan from app then you should know all about Flex salary app like Interest Rates,Hidden Charges,loan tenure, processing fees, lending partner.we know that when we are going to bank for personal loan or any kind of loan then due to alot paper work No one goes to bank and try digital lending app

Flex salary loan app Review
Flex Salary loan app Review

Flex Salary Instant loan App Basic Details

  1. Flex Salary loan app loan amount upto 2 lakh Rupee Which Very good for needy people
  2. Flex Salary Loan app Tenure from 10 month’s to 36 month’s
  3. Flex salary instant loan interest Rates : Maximum APR 36%
  4. Zero Late Fees, Bounce Charge, and Pre Payment Penalty
  5. Line Usage Fee of Flex Salary credit line 1.5%+ Taxes
  6. Flex Salary App NBFC :- Vivifi india finance private limited
  7. flex Salary Has 1 million plus download with 4.7 star Rating

Flex Salary loan app Eligibility criteria & Documents

  • To be eligible for a FlexSalary instant cash loan without documents, you:
  • must be a indian Citizen
  • must be salaried individual with minimum salary more than 8000+
  • Must be above 21 year age
  • Identity Proof (Aadhaar / Driver’s License / Passport / Voter ID)
  • PAN card For CIBIL Score Check
  • Address Proof (Driving License / Utility Bills / Aadhaar / Passport / BanWhy Should You Choose FlexSalary for an Instant Online Loan?k Statements /
  • Voter ID)
  • Photo with the applicant’s face clearly visible (you will be prompted to take a selfie or upload a photo)
  • Net banking verification for validating your income

Why Should You Choose FlexSalary for an Instant Online Loan?

  • 100% Paperless ,Quick ,Easy online Process this make Flex Salary instant personal loan app best
  • instant loan approval without documents
  • Affordable interest Rates
  • only one approval and any Time Cash
  • Multiple Withdrawal
  • Pay only interest used amount

Flex Salary instant personal loan Customer reviews

Flex Salary customer reviews
FLEX SALARY Customer review

If You want Flex Salary instant loan Video Review 👇

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