Papa Money loan app Review : Papa money Real or Fake

Papa Money loan app Review :- Papa money is Short term Loan app which Give you loan for 7 day with high Charges today I Will Give you detailed Review of Papa Money loan app ( PP money loan app ) old name. If You want to take loan from this loan app you should know about it’s interest rates , processing fees , NBFC details and Recovery Process

Papa money loan app review
Papa money loan review

Papa money loan app : Basic Details

  • Papa Money loan app : Loan amount upto 100,000₹ rupees which not correct 100% they Give Only Small amount and Sometimes they Give you loan without Your Consent
  • Papa money loan app tenure :- 92 days minimum & 1 year maximum according to their Playstore Review but in Reality they give only 7 day loan
  • Papa money instant loan app NBFC :- Prayas financial services Pvt Ltd according to Play Store
  • Papa Money instant cash loan has 1 Million Download with 4.6 star Rating Which paid by third party app
  • Papa Money Customer Support :- which is very Simple

Papa money instant loan interest rates,Charges ,Hidden Fees

  • Papa money loan interest rates upto 36 % per annum
  • Processing Fees of Papa money loan app is very High According to User of this app
  • Hidden charges 18% GST on processing fees
  • Very High Overdue and Penalty Charges
  • If you don’t pay loan timely they Are harassing you and your Family


Papa money loan app Customer reviews
Papa money loan app Customer reviews
  • Papa money is 7 days loan app which is totally unauthorised they don’t have to right to distribute loans
  • Papa money app take and Access your all contacts Data and Give threats to Customer
  • Papa money loan app is totally Fake loan app because they don’t follow RBI guidelines and Google Finance Policy
  • Don’t install loan app they charge more than 40-50% processing fees + interest rates and give only 7 day loan

Papa money instant loan app : Eligibility

  • Indian Citizens with more than 18year old
  • Have Adhar card and pan card
  • Have Full Contact lists for hack
  • Active bank account for instant loan disbursement

How to Complain Papa money loan app

  • You Can File Complaint of Papa money loan in Cybercrime and nearest police station
  • You can file complaint in Consumer forum

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